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Custom Orders

How do I place a custom order?
E-mail us at VinylExpressions4U@gmail.com. Include what you want ( size, color, font, ext.). If possible include a very clear picture. Place the object (if possible) on a solid background with contrasting colors, like a dark item on a light background.

(This is a necklace, turned into a decal for a car)

Next we will make the graphic into a simple, cutable format. We will e-mail you a picture of it for you to view before we actually cut it.

If you would like we can send you samples for you to see.

Once the image is to your liking we will cut and send your order!

Custom Prices:Our prices are the same wither I make it or it’s a custom order! The sizes and prices vary a little by how detailed or time consuming the project is. I also have so many different sizes that if I were to list all the prices it would be a mile long. Just e-mail me at VinylExpressions4U@gmail.com for a quote!