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Un-Picked Up Orders:

Once your order is ready I will make 2 attempts to get a hold of you. For all regular orders you will have 30 days to pick up your order from the time I contact you the second time. After that time, your order will be placed for sale for whoever wants it.

For the weekly specials:
It is your reasonability to get ahold of us and come pick up your order. You have the week that the sale is going on to pick up your specials. After that time your order will be placed for sale (At the same sale price) for whoever wants it. If you cannot make it in time, contact me and let me know you can’t get it and tell me what day you will pick it up by (must be within a week). I will hold it for you until the date you have given me. If you still haven’t picked it up by then, we will place the vinyl for sale for whoever wants it.