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New Location...

We've had a lot of changes going on!

As many of you know we've been planning on moving locations for a long time now. Our current lease is almost up so we started looking at other places!

The same day we started looking at new buildings my husband got a new job offer! We were very excited about it, but quickly realized that it conflicted with the stores hours.

Our main goal with the store was for my husband to take over and run it full-time, which we are not quit ready for. Me running it full-time, alone with 2 kids was never in the plans. We debated a LOT and went back and worth for several days. Finally we decided on our new location... our house!

We worked from our home for 2 years before we opened the store. We know it is a step back, but it is the right move for our family. Our kids hate coming to the store and it has been so stressful trying to juggle everything. We are still going to do and make everything we do at the store.

We are not closing or going out of business, just moving our location back to our house! We are really excited for this change!

We are actually planning on dropping our prices a little since we won’t have any overhead. We are also getting rid of everything in the store so we don’t have to bring it all home with us! So come get some awesome home d├ęcor items for an amazing deal (currently 60% off!).

Our last day at the store will be Feb. 21 and we are hoping to be up and running out of our home on Feb. 23.