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How to Apply Vinyl

Video Tutorial (for walls and wood)
Video Tutorial (for car, glass, windows)

On your car:
Do not apply in cold weather - adhesive may stick but will lift easily.
Do not apply in extreme heat, apply in the shade - vinyl will get very soft and stretch.
Do not use ice scraper on the sticker/decal - may lift or break pieces off.
Do not point high pressure car wash nozzle at the edges of the sticker/decal for a long time - may lift or break pieces.
Car washes are safe.
Don't apply wax over graphics, especially if the wax contains any petroleum distillates.
Before application, make sure there is no wax or rainx products on the surface - adhesive may stick but will lift easily.

On your car or walls:
Do not use alcohol to apply - it will destroy the adhesive.
Do not touch the adhesive backing - oils from your skin will prevent sticking.

Wash and rinse the area you are applying vinyl to with liquid dish detergent and warm water. Then dry the surface with a clean, lint-free towel or cloth. Finish up the cleaning process by wiping down the entire area with rubbing alcohol using a clean, lint-free towel or cloth. You are now ready to apply the vinyl.

Measure where you want your decal to be.
Peel the bottom layer away from the DECAL starting at the opposite side of the masking taped hinge, and slowly remove it.
While still holding the PRE-MASK layer away from the smooth surface. Use a squeegee, credit card or any plastic straight edge to help in application. Start from the side with the tape and gently work away from the tape (Note: if you do not have a squeegee use a tongue depressor or the sharp edge of a credit card, plastic ruler or similar object)
Use your squeegee and apply pressure from the middle to the outward sides. Let sit for 5 minutes before removing. If your decal appears to not be sticking, just squeegee again and let sit for 10-15 minutes.
The decals have a pressure sensitive adhesive the harder you rub the harder it sticks, also the longer you let it sit the stronger the adhesive will adhere.
Now your ready to pull off your top layer and view your decal. Gently pull it off, if you see some vinyl start to come up with the top then lay it back down, squeegee, and wait a few minutes and try again.
Prick any air bubbles with a pin and rub down. Be sure that outer edges of decal are rubbed down smooth. This is essential for proper adhesion.

Vinyl can be removed easily, but it not re-usable.