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Want FREE Stuff?

Want FREE Stuff? Host a Vinyl Party!

It's easy! Contact us at VinylExpressoins4U@gmail.com to arrange the date. We travel anywhere from Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City, Utah area. Once the date is set, invite your friends! We'll send you invites to hand out. You provide the party atmosphere and we'll do the rest. There will be prizes for you and your friends too!

For the party I will accept cash or will process your order via Paypal. Free shipping to orders over $20 or I can ship the orders to the host for free to then hand out.

Host a Craft Night in conjunction to your vinyl party!

Pick a design/ project you want to do (You can do multiple designs and custom stuff too). Let me know how many to cut out, size and color(s). I will make them at a discounted rate for you and your friends to use the night of the party. You are in charge of the other supplies you need for the craft (I only provide the vinyl). You can ask your friends to help pitch in on the costs of your supplies. Make it a fun night, plus your friends get to go home with a cute craft!

Host Benefits:
$50 to $150 in sales (at the party and in online orders), the Host gets 2 half priced items and 10% of sales made towards a purchase. So if I make $100, you get $10 in FREE product!
$150 to $300: you get 3 half priced items and 15%
$300 and up: 4 half priced items, 1 Free item and 20%
The half priced items and the % you get can not be combined.
If one of your friends schedules a party during your party you get one more half priced item!